Show Notes:


  • How a school paper led Holly to her first job in a flower shop

  • Holly’s transition from shop helper to her first design job at Flora Flora in Kirkland

  • The story behind the creation and re-launch of her floral studio

  • Holly explains how she blends flowers with fashion and accessories to bring nature closer to people

  • Insights into how Holly uses social media and collaborations to enhance her business visibility and sales

  • Holly discusses her most challenging and rewarding design projects, including large-scale installations and the Northwest Flower and Garden show

  • Holly’s continuous learning journey in floral design and her plans for future education and certifications

  • Fun floral facts and a quiz that tests Holly’s knowledge of floral design basics

This episode features an interview with:



Founder of A Natural Design

Holly Berry is an accomplished florist and the creative force behind A Natural Design, located in Woodenville, Washington. With a passion that bloomed in high school, Holly has nurtured her career from the roots of a simple classroom assignment to the blossoming enterprise she runs today.

She specializes in integrating natural beauty into everyday life, pioneering the concept of “floral fusions” that combine traditional floral arrangements with fashion and lifestyle elements.

As a seasoned event stylist and content creator, Holly continues to innovate in the floral industry while inspiring others through her workshops, social media presence, and community collaborations. 

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