Show Notes:


  • Hear how Robin’s career in powerlifting equipment sales laid the groundwork for discipline and success in flower farming

  • Robin discusses building her own home and how this ambitious project was a precursor to starting her farm

  • Insights into the various aspects of running a successful flower farm, from soil improvement using sustainable methods to creating a customer-centric business model

  • Robin shares her initial struggles with poor soil and zero farming experience, and how she turned these challenges into opportunities

  • Learn about B. Blumen’s innovative approaches to marketing, community engagement, and creating a strong brand presence through social media and local involvement

  • Robin talks about her plans for expanding into weddings, events, and possibly venturing into educational workshops on flower farming.

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Founder of B. Blumen Flower Farm

Robin Blood is the visionary founder of B. Blumen Flower Farm in Godley, Texas. With a background as the director of sales for a powerlifting equipment company, Robin pivoted dramatically to pursue her passion for floriculture. She and her fiancé started from the ground up, building their own home and eventually cultivating a thriving flower farm. 

Known for her resilience and innovative approach to farming, Robin integrates sustainable practices and a community-focused business model. Under her leadership, B. Blumen has become synonymous with high-quality, sustainably grown flowers and personalized customer experiences, serving a growing clientele with everything from wedding floral arrangements to subscription services. 

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