Show Notes:


  • Discover Tim’s transition from a marketing graduate struggling in New York’s recession to a pivotal figure in the floral industry, starting with a simple customer service job at a flower shop
  • Learn from Tim’s experiences in transforming floral shops into profitable businesses, emphasizing customer service, sales, and marketing strategies
  • Explore Tim’s global influence, teaching over 7,000 floral professionals worldwide, from the US to Australia, and transitioning to remote training pre and post-COVID-19
  • Understand the importance of listening to customers, taking the order in a smarter way, and how it influences sales and customer satisfaction
  • Gain insights into the crucial role of a robust online presence for floral shops and the effectiveness of different sales strategies over the phone and in e-commerce
  • Hear Tim’s advice on knowing when it’s the right time to sell your floral shop and the key factors to consider for a successful sale
  • Engage with the fun and informative game show segment where Tim tackles questions on floral pricing, marketing strategies, and industry terms, showcasing his expertise and offering valuable takeaways for listeners
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Tim Huckabee

Founder of The Profitable Florist

Tim Huckabee, founder of The Profitable Florist, is a key influencer in the floral sector, renowned for his business coaching and education tailored to floral professionals. Beginning his journey in a New York flower shop in the early ’90s, Tim has since impacted over 7,000 floral businesses globally, offering expertise in sales, customer service, and business strategies to enhance profitability and customer engagement.

His holistic training approach not only covers business essentials but also emphasizes the human element, focusing on communication and customer needs. With a shift to online training, Tim continues to broaden his reach, offering strategic advice to floral businesses at various stages, aiding their growth and adaptation in the dynamic floral industry.

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