Show Notes:


  • Amber Taylor’s journey from fresh to sustainable floristry

  • Exploration of sola wood flowers, crafted from the shola pith plant, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional floristry

  • Discussion on the sustainability aspect of wood flowers, their durability, and the process of creating these unique blooms

  • Insight into the care and maintenance of sola wood flowers, including tips for keeping them dust-free and vibrant

  • Amber’s transition from working with fresh flowers to embracing wood flowers, influenced by her family’s history in floristry

  • The challenges and solutions in customer satisfaction and returns in the wood flower industry

  • Marketing strategies and the impact of SEO on Wood Flower Barn’s growth

  • The introduction of home decor items to complement wood flowers and the logistics of shipping and returns

  • Future aspirations for Wood Flower Barn, including the dream of opening a brick-and-mortar store

  • Amber’s experience with Etsy and her move to a more supportive platform, West Tenth

  • The Floral Shop podcast game show, where Amber showcases her knowledge on floristry


This episode features an interview with:


Amber Taylor

Owner and Designer of Wood Flower Barn

With over 10 years in the floral industry, owner and designer, Amber knows how to create beautiful, unique arrangements that will last year after year. She has a keen eye for detail and a persistence for quality.

Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Wood Flower Barn prides itself on being a small, American, family-owned business with high ethical standards. Opening in June 2020, it has brought handcrafted, everlasting designs to people across the United States (and even a few to Canada!).

Amber is first and foremost a mother and has always strived to bring value to her family while having something to work towards. She started Wood Flower Barn as a way to stay creative and sharp while having the opportunity to stay home and raise her kids.

In her spare time, she enjoys getting outside (especially into the mountains), mountain biking, hiking, seeing/experiencing new places, and sharing great food with loved ones.

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