Show Notes:


  • Discover how a study abroad experience in London sparked Jessica’s passion for floral design, leading her to transition from interior design to opening her own flower shop, Cymbidium Floral, in New Hampshire

  • Learn about Jessica’s approach to nurturing long-standing relationships with her community through her floral services, witnessing her clients’ life milestones

  • Jessica shares how her background in interior design influences the inviting and aesthetically pleasing atmosphere of Cymbidium Floral

  • Insight into how Cymbidium Floral utilizes simple yet effective photography techniques to showcase their arrangements, enhancing their online presence

  • Understand the rationale behind offering a wide range of price points, ensuring that Cymbidium Floral caters to varied budgets while maintaining quality

  • Explore the unique courier service system that Cymbidium employs for their delivery service, ensuring flexibility and efficiency

  • Jessica delves into the eco-friendly practices at Cymbidium Floral, from composting floral scraps to avoiding floral foam, highlighting their commitment to environmental stewardship

  • Jessica shares her approach to dealing with client feedback and the importance of maintaining a positive, solution-focused attitude


This episode features an interview with:


Jessica Christoferson

Owner/Founder of Cymbidium Floral

Jessica first became interested in floral design while studying abroad and interning with one of London’s leading florists. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in design, she worked for several major retail and event florists in the Chicago area. When she and her husband Mike decided to move to New England, they fell in love with the historic town of Exeter; Jessica opened Cymbidium Floral there in April 2005.

Known for her striking color combinations & love of texture, Jessica’s signature arrangements have a distinctive quality that make them uniquely beautiful. When not in the shop, Jessica can be found spending time with her husband and their kids, Cooper and Ella, gardening, or out walking around town.

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