Show Notes:


  • Jeroen shares his intriguing transition from growing up amidst the tulips in Holland to pioneering his own tulip paradise in the United States, creating a bridge between traditional farming and modern entrepreneurship

  • Learn about Wicked Tulips’ innovative approach, where visitors are not just buying flowers; they’re immersing themselves in a floral adventure, picking their blooms directly from the earth and connecting with nature in a way that’s both rare and revitalizing

  • Get insider details on the operational magic that makes Wicked Tulips a success story, from their special events to the nitty-gritty of managing a flower farm that captivates thousands

  • Discover how Jeroen’s farm uses the power of social media and email marketing to foster a community of tulip enthusiasts, ensuring their events are eagerly anticipated and sold out seasons in advance

  • Hear how Wicked Tulips weathered the pandemic with creativity and community support, transforming challenges into opportunities and continuing to spread joy through flowers

  • Don’t miss Jeroen putting his floral knowledge to the test in our light-hearted game show segment

This episode features an interview with:


Jeroen Koeman

Co-founder at Wicked Tulips Flower Farm

Jeroen Koeman is a tulip farmer and entrepreneur from Rhode Island, originally hailing from Holland where he was raised on a tulip farm. His early experiences on the farm influenced him, though he initially steered away from agriculture in his early adulthood. After college, a newfound inspiration led him to the flower industry, eventually guiding him to establish Wicked Tulips Flower Farm in the United States, where he introduced a direct-to-consumer model that connects visitors with the joy of picking their tulips straight from the field.

At Wicked Tulips, Jeroen has innovated the traditional flower farm model, focusing on customer experience and sustainable practices. His approach has garnered significant attention, creating a flourishing business that attracts thousands of visitors each season. Jeroen’s passion for tulips and commitment to providing a unique floral experience has positioned him as a notable figure in the agricultural and entrepreneurial landscape.

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