Show Notes:

  • Learn how Nancy transitioned from sales and marketing to the floral industry, driven by a lifelong love for flowers
  • Discover how Nancy’s self-designed wedding flowers sparked her floral journey and led her to pursue formal training at the New York Botanical Garden
  • Hear about Nancy’s early days as an intern and her eventual purchase of The Flower Bar, despite knowing little about the floral business
  • Nancy reveals the business practices and systems she implemented to quadruple her revenue, emphasizing the importance of professional training and continuous improvement
  • Insights on managing customer expectations, training new employees, and addressing business hiccups with proactive solutions
  • Nancy shares her experiences juggling roles as a business owner, designer, and community member, all while ensuring exceptional service
  • How Nancy successfully integrated event decor into her business, leading to significant growth and larger projects, including a $78,000 wedding

This episode features an interview with:


Owner of The Flower Bar

Nancy White is the owner of The Flower Bar in Largemont, New York. With a background in sales, marketing, and art, Nancy made a bold career shift to floral design. 

Over the past 13 years, she has grown her business significantly, focusing on delivering extraordinary experiences to her clients. Nancy’s dedication to quality, customer service, and continuous improvement has made The Flower Bar a beloved floral shop in her community.

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Visit The Flower Bar’s website

New York Botanical Garden Floral Program: NYBG Adult Education

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