Show Notes:


  • Overview of Sea Blossoms, combining wedding/event decor with flower farming
  • Meg’s journey from focusing solely on events to incorporating flower farming
  • Insights into starting and growing a flower farm, including challenges and successes
  • Discussion on seasonal planning and choosing flower varieties
  • The impacts of flower farming on wedding decor and business operations
  • Cost and labor considerations for starting a flower farm
  • Marketing strategies and customer engagement post-wedding
  • Future vision for Sea Blossoms, including rebranding and business growth
  • Benefits and logistics of sourcing flowers directly from a farm

This episode features an interview with:


MEG Fleming

Owner of Sea Blossoms Events

Meg Fleming is the owner of Sea Blossoms, a floral design business based in New Jersey. Meg started Sea Blossoms focusing on wedding and event decor, but in the past two years, she has expanded into flower farming.

This shift has allowed her to grow and use her own flowers, creating a more sustainable and locally-focused business. With a background in both design and hands-on farming, Meg brings a unique perspective to the floral industry.

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