Show Notes:


  • Jennifer discusses the origins of her business and the thought process behind its distinctive name

  • Insights into Jennifer’s favorite projects, including large-scale installations and the intricacies of floral arrangement

  • Jennifer talks about her passion for teaching and how she compares it to hosting a party, blending education with entertainment

  • Discussion on managing a floral business, dealing with inventory, and customizing client experiences

  • Jennifer shares her future aspirations, including scaling down to focus more deeply on projects that are most meaningful to her

  • The episode concludes with a fun and educational Q&A session where Jennifer shares tips on maintaining flowers and incorporating them into events

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Founder/Owner of Floral Art LA

Jennifer McGarigle is a renowned floral designer based in Los Angeles, California. She founded Floral Art in 1995, focusing on high-end floral design for events, homes, and corporations. 

Known for her unique ability to blend the worlds of design and floral artistry, Jennifer has created installations for prominent clients and events, including luxury brand launches and major art installations. Her work is characterized by a bold use of color and innovative design that challenges traditional perceptions of floral art.

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Visit Jennifer’s website at Floral Art LA to view her portfolio and learn more about her workshops

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