Show Notes:


  • Elle shares how a challenge in sourcing artificial roses for a project led to the discovery and passion for preserved roses

  • Insights into the preservation process and how it started with sourcing preserved roses from Ecuador

  • Introduction to Rose Maven’s signature Parisian-style boxes and the evolution to hexagon glass and brass arrangements

  • Elle discusses the flexibility of working with clients on customized arrangements and the importance of meeting customer needs and preferences

  • Strategies for differentiating Rose Maven in a competitive market, the importance of networking, and leveraging word-of-mouth referrals

  • Examples of how preserved flowers are used in various settings, including corporate events and personal decor

  • Elle talks about potential collaborations with hotels and other businesses to expand Rose Maven’s presence

This episode features an interview with:



Founder of The Rose Maven

Elle Torres is the visionary behind Rose Maven, a boutique specializing in preserved roses based in Boston, Massachusetts. Known for their unique hexagon arrangements and innovative designs, Rose Maven has made a name in the floral industry by offering stunning, long-lasting floral creations.

Elle’s journey began with an idea to create flower walls and evolved into a thriving business focused on preserved roses, incorporating eco-friendly practices and creative design.

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