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  • Elycia Feldman shares her journey from high school horticulture programs to owning Wild Blossom Studio. She combines her love for art, color, and plants in her floral designs
  • Feldman discusses transitioning from an aspiring greenhouse operator to a business owner, highlighting her self-taught business skills. Officially starting her business in 2011, she reflects on the importance of treating her business as a success from the start
  • Emphasizing the challenge of perfectionism, Feldman adopts the motto “done is better than perfect” to overcome this obstacle, especially under the tight timelines of floral design
  • Collaboration has been key to Feldman’s success, starting with a partnership with photographer Melody Stevenson in 2018, enhancing Wild Blossom Studio’s work and marketing
  • Feldman emphasizes the importance of having a strong team, including freelancers, to handle large-scale events and maintain high standards of work
  • Pricing structures for floral design and the balance of compensating freelancers while ensuring profitability are discussed
  • Marketing strategies focus on word-of-mouth, leveraging preferred vendor lists at venues and planners, and the critical role of a well-designed website
  • Feldman’s commitment to education and mentorship through free online videos reflects her belief in lifting the industry as a whole
  • The episode concludes with a fun game show segment, where Feldman shares insights on best practices in floral arrangement and care, popular add-ons for arrangements, and the significance of creating focal points
This episode features an interview with: 
Elycia Feldman

Owner of Wild Blossoms Studio
Mom. Wife. Horticulturist. Floral Designer. Truth Seeker. Medical Freedom Advocate.

Elycia Feldman, the visionary behind Wild Blossom Studio, brings a unique fusion of art and horticulture to the floral design industry. With her journey starting in high school and blossoming into the creation of her studio, Elycia’s passion for plants and art has crafted a signature style that sets Wild Blossom Studio apart. Her commitment to collaboration, sustainability, and education enriches her work and inspires the floral community. Elycia’s partnership with photographer Melody Stevenson elevates her designs, showcasing the stunning beauty and intricate details of her floral arrangements.

Elycia Feldman’s Wild Blossom Studio stands as a testament to her passion for floral design, her commitment to education and community, and her innovative approach to combining artistry with horticulture.

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Wild Blossom Studio‘s website for insights into Feldman’s work, educational content, and collaboration highlights

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