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“The Floral Shop” podcast – your go to place for everything flowers and business! Here, we chat about all things floristry, from nifty business tips to keeping your blooms fresh and fabulous.

Whether you’re a seasoned florist, just starting out, or a business owner who loves flowers, our podcast is tailor-made for you. We dive into the colorful world of flowers, sharing secrets to make your business bloom brighter.

Meet Our Host

Ziv Raviv!

He’s not just a creative business strategist
but a real game-changer in the world of entrepreneurship. Ziv has this awesome knack for making complex business strategies sound like a breeze.

His experience spans across marketing, content creation, and much more, making him the perfect guide for your floristry journey. Each episode with Ziv is like sitting down with a good friend who’s got the best flower business insights up his sleeve.

Wanna know more about how to get more sales for your flower shop business?

Ziv made sure you get all the information you need with The Floral Shop Podcast.

Learn Next-Level Strategies for Your Thriving Flower Shop Business

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We’re here to help you unlock the secrets of successful flower shops

At “The Floral Shop” podcast, we’re all about nurturing your floral business’s growth. Dive into a wealth of industry insights that can transform the way you operate your flower shop.

From hands-on tips on running a more efficient, profitable business to inspiring stories from top floristry experts, we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Whether it’s innovative marketing strategies, floral design trends, or customer service excellence, our podcast arms you with the knowledge to bloom in the competitive world of floristry.

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Your Toolkit for Flourishing Flower Business

Discover our essential guides and tools designed to elevate your floral business and design skills.

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Get instant free access to our three quote system templates that are tailored specifically for flower shops like yours, making it easier than ever to provide quick, accurate, and beautiful quotes to your customers.

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Feeling overwhelmed by all your contacts? Our Floral Business Outreach Organizer is your essential tool for success. Not only does it turn endless lists into meaningful connections and real growth opportunities, but you’ll also gain access to exclusive bonus keywords to help you find your next prospect. Ready to start?

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Simplify your outreach efforts and save valuable time with our expertly crafted email templates. Dive in and start connecting with potential link partners effortlessly today.

Grow Your Floral Brand with 400+ Effective IG Hashtags!

Want to make your floral brand pop on Instagram? Grab our guide with 400+ hashtags to skyrocket your visibility and connect with flower enthusiasts! It’s your time to shine – get the free guide and see your brand blossom!

Elevate Your Shop's Appeal With Eye-catching Menus

Unlock the potential of your floral shop with our hassle-free menu template. This customizable design feature allows you to effortlessly create and update your shop’s menu, showcasing your unique offerings with professional flair.

Jump-start Your Imagination With a Structured Approach to Brainstorming

Say goodbye to scattered ideas. Our worksheet helps you align your thoughts, making every floral arrangement a piece of art. Keep all your brilliant plans in one beautifully arranged place!

Master Your Market and Thrive in the Floral Business
Unpack the essentials of your business landscape. This worksheet is your guide to pinpointing strengths, tackling weaknesses, seizing opportunities, and shielding against threats—all tailored to make your floral shop thrive. Take the first step towards your business excellence.

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